The iAreaNet Platform:

iAreaOffice infrastructure spans across two data centers over 900 miles apart in separate geographical regions insures 100% uptime.

Information is continuously replicated across multiple locations to iAreaNet’s Independent and Redundant Data Centers (IRDC) with the following disaster prevention criteria:

  • Both systems are in constant sync always providing to our users.
  • Our primary data center is our own property and under our management.
  • Our secondary data center space is leased from a citified data center in another city. Both state-of-the art data centers are connected private redundant fiber
  • If a data center is wiped out you will be routed to our secondary live data center. so there is physical independence..
  • Regional Redundancies
  • Full Layer 2 QoS Network with Multi-level Priorities
  • Regional Inbound Dial Protection
  • Regional Storm Protection
  • Regional Power Protection